Ronnie the Rooster

Ronnie the Rooster provides a great form of active entertainment for the casual gamer. Like many of it’s predecessor flash game apps, i.e. Flappy Bird, Ronnie is as addictive as it is fun. The premise of the game is relatively simple, as described by its developer SMKS: “Ronnie is meant to pick up corn and bread along the way without coming into contact with any of the obstacles, such as the holes, mud, and other animals.”


Loosely based on a real event involving the games developer Shaun in which a neighbour was looking for a home for a wayward rooster they had found wondering the roadside. The interface is very easy to use and has a clear compatibility for both PC and phone making it an ideal phone gaming app. The developers have catered to both its demographics, giving the likeable cute protagonist but also alleviating a parents biggest pet hate – in game purchases.It has become far too common in any game of any platform and the burden mostly lands on the parents as they notice a small chipping away of their bank accounts under the statement Candy Crush. SMKS have not relieved the game entirely of in-game purchases, but they have made them far less common therefore you wont be finding constant prompts to “buy more lives”.ronnie

A small issue I do have with the game at the moment – although this may be just for the demo, is that the soundtrack is a little repetitive. I suppose that isn’t entirely a problem as I couldn’t tell you what the music to Clash of Clans or Angry Birds sounds like because with games like this you don’t really require to have it aloud, the majority of the time we play these games when we wait for the bus etc. and that’s the beauty of casual gaming.

For a first-time developer the game is very advanced. Ideal for the casual gamer, time passers, procrastinators, children, parents … everyone.




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